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Best iPage Coupon Code for 2015 – Up to 80% OFF!

The new iPage coupon code for 2015 is now available, or is it? Although there is no actual code to memorize, iPage IS running a special coupon code discount pricing! Which means that by visiting the official iPage discount page (via any of the links on this post) you will be eligible to get the regularly priced iPage web hosting package of $7.95 for ONLY $1.99 a month! That’s right, by clicking on any of our official links you will be directed to a special iPage discount page that will automatically give you more than 80% off the regular price, without requiring you to memorize any discount codes.

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And, if you are lucky you MAY save even a bit more by using this link because every once in a while iPage will tack on an additional limited time discount.  For instance, if you click our link today, you will find a special “winter sale” (which is limited to only a few days) that offers the same iPage web hosting package for only $1.99 a month.  That is about a 80% discount.  But, if you click the link and they aren’t currently running the extra discount don’t miss out on the awesome $1.99 a month deal, as you never know when ipage may pull the special coupon code for 2015.

iPage has one of the most affordable and feature filled web hosting plan we know of.  The iPage shared hosting includes all of the following:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, & email
  • A free domain name
  • Free site-building tools
  • Free online store
  • Free Yahoo! and Facebook Marketing Credits
  • Unlimited domains and MySQL databases

Not only that, but you will also get a free script library that allows you to install a number of free programs in just one click such as; WordPress, Drupal, photo galleries, forums, and much more.  Creating your site has never been easier than with free features like an easy-to-use control panel, one-click installer, website builder, and excellent plugins.  Actually, the iPage package has everything you will need not only to create your website but also to design, manage, and market your own website.  They even give you advertising credits with some of the biggest names in the industry (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook) just to help you get your website noticed by some of the biggest search engines and starting seeing traffic (and potential customers) come to your site.   Essentially the iPage package is an all-in-one hosting solution that encompasses anything and everything you expect from a shared web hosting company.

There is very little risk with hosting your site with iPage in that if you ever decide you no longer wish to host your site on iPage you will receive a refund of any unused funds.  With iPage’s anytime money-back guarantee you can cancel or transfer your site at any point in your contract.  iPage is so sure you will be happy with their services they are willing to give you your money back.  Hopefully, the reason you would feel a need to transfer your site is because of the great success your site has seen and you have simply outgrown a shared web host and need to upgrade to having your own servers.  But, whatever the reason iPage will assist you with refunds, transferring, or any other service you need.

The iPage support suite is included, absolutely FREE (a $50 value), which offers North American phone agents 24/7 via toll-free telephone, email, or chat.  All calls are answered within 2 minutes so you will not spend all day (or night) waiting for answers.  The iPage support team endures rigorous QA testing to ensure your questions are answered in an efficient manner.

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iPage Promo Code

Coupon codes and promo codes are often offered in many industries and web hosting is no different.  Many web hosts offer promotional codes for reduced pricing.  The iPage promo code is often one of the most sought after web hosting promo codes. Keep reading to learn how iPage promo codes work and where to find them.

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Promo Code Basics

The term promo code is short for promotional code, one way of providing a price break that may have the same effects as coupons or sales, but a slightly different medium of delivery. Promo codes are generally offered through websites other than the one that the product or service is available on, and some sites that offer promo codes, use the term coupon interchangeably. To receive the benefit offered by a promotional code, the customer must enter the promo code, precisely as it appears in the offer in the place in the checkout where promo codes are requested or click-through the code to reach the web page that allows you to get the promo.

Promotional codes have specific terms, which may be more specific that typical coupon requirements, and expiration dates. They apply only to the precise products and/or services that are stated in the offer.

Conditions for promo codes may include purchase of a particular product or service, purchase made in a certain amount, purchase made using a certain payment method (a particular credit card, for example), as well as exclusions of certain products or services from the order to which the promo code is applied.

Multiple promo codes (and/or coupons, sales, etc.) may be offered at one time or for overlapping periods, so just because you’ve found a promo code for the seller you’re interested in still doesn’t mean you’ve found the best deal. Watch out for promo codes that do not show an expiration date. They may be past their sell-by date. Also, you should be aware that promo codes may be available even when there is an advertised special on the site itself.

iPage Promo Code Tips

When you’re searching for iPage Promo Code deals, look for websites that:

• date the entry in which they announce the promo code, so you immediately have an idea of whether it might be recent

• keep an eye on the iPage promo codes they offer, including an update when they verify that the promo is still working

• mark old iPage promo codes with an “Expired” sign.

These three steps will save you from inadvertently offering an iPage promo code that is out of date.

When you put “iPage promo code” in your favorite search engine (I used Google), you can scan the date in the webpage summary to look for recent dates, but this is not always a reliable indicator.

With iPage, it’s also important to know the site and the offerings on the site first, so you won’t be lured by offers that aren’t any better than the going deal on the iPage website. And you’re likely to run into some websites that don’t even have an iPage offer on them – they’ve just listed it somewhere on the page.

It took me reviewing 16 sites and not finding a single iPage promo code that was a) not expired; b) not a hoax; c) a promo code not a coupon (even though I searched for promo codes); d) not exactly the same as the terms iPage is offering on the front page of their website to reach the tentative conclusion that while iPage may offer web hosting coupons, and “iPage promo code” is widely spread around the web (it gets 99.700 hits in a Google search), if you want “promo code” pricing on iPage, a web search for “iPage promo code” is not the way to go.

The fact is, iPage offers pricing comparable to “promo code” pricing both through the use of coupons and through signing up for longer contracts. Coupon pricing allows you to have a shorter contract for less even than the website “promo” offer!

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iPage Coupon Code Prices

Don’t miss out on this great iPage coupon code pricing! Here you can find the best web hosting coupon code available on iPage web hosting along with plenty of iPage web hosting features. This article offers information on the iPage web hosting company and the iPage hosting plans.

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This is a limited-time iPage coupon code pricing offer for iPage web hosting for just $1.99 per month! Take advantage of all the best web hosting features iPage has to offer. Also remember, discount pricing is normally $1.99 but the longer you choose to stay with iPage, the more you save! iPage is known for its green web hosting features and low monthly rates! Don’t miss out on this iPage web hosting coupon code today to get even more savings on iPage best web hosting when you sign up for longer web hosting plans.

Why is it a good idea to get iPage web hosting? 

iPage strives to offer customers some of the best Web hosting tools at a great low cost, like with this great discount coupon code offer! As one of the best Web hosting companies on the web, iPage offers customers unlimited Web hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and email. iPage also offers access to an easy-to-use free instant Web site builder along with a diverse and large amount of free website template tools to choose from.

Who is iPage?
iPage has been serving internet users for over a decade and has established a reliable, affordable and creative Web hosting company.  iPage is set apart from the competition with its exclusive Web hosting security option and green web hosting practices. iPage provides customers with an entirely “green” product.  Through renewable energy credits, iPage is able to provide customers with Web sites that are 100 percent wind powered helping to spread the Green Initiative to each of their customers. iPage regularly ranks high among the competition as one of the best Web hosting companies in the industry.  With this great iPage coupon offer, take advantage of iPage’s free Web hosting blogging tools, unlimited domains and 24/7 customer support.
Don’t miss out on this iPage coupon code! 
Don’t take our word for it, check out iPage for yourself and discover how great this iPage coupon code is for any individual or business looking to expand to online. Take this opportunity to visit reviews and comparisons about iPage.  Also, don’t forget to check out the in-depth ipage reviews within our site, covering each detail of iPage’s Web hosting package and what they have to offer with this great coupon code discount! Don’t forget to read the Web hosting comparison reviews to find out how iPage ranks up against the competition. Read our reviews to check out what the experts say about the company’s customer support policies to find out for yourself why iPage is considered one of the best Web host providers. You can see for yourself why iPage ranks among the top Web hosting companies. Don’t wait to take advantage of this limited-time $4.25 per month iPage Coupon code offer!!

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