iPage Affiliate Program Details & Payout Info

The iPage affiliate program offers a way for people to make money online, even if they don’t own their own business.  Read this iPage affiliate program review to learn how the iPage affiliate program and the iPage referral program works.

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Introduction to the iPage Affiliate Program

There are several programs—referred to as “iPage Partner Programs”—that iPage offers to customers who want to team with iPage to promote its products in various ways. These include resellers, the referral program, and the iPage Affiliate Program.

iPage Affiliate Program vs. iPage Referral Program

Although those that participate in the iPage Affiliate Program and who get credit for referrals to iPage have some things in common, there are also some differences. Those who get a referrer credit are spreading the news about their appreciation of iPage in a more informal way. Maybe they tell a friend over lunch, email to buddy to have a look at how their website is developing, or make a referral while helping their great aunt set up her first website. For each referral to iPage, the refer earns a $25 credit to his or her account after the referred person has had an account with iPage for 30 days. This is the only way that referral credits are issued, so you have to have an iPage account to get credit for a referral of this type.

The iPage Affiliate Program also is a way of making recommendations, but in a more formal and permanent way. Rather than just happening to mention their approval of iPage when it happens to come up, affiliates make a concerted and continual effort to promote iPage accounts. With this greater investment comes greater rewards. And, in fact, one does not need to be an iPage customer in order to join the iPage Affiliate Program.

What’s Involved in the iPage Affiliate Program?

When a person—who may live anywhere in the world—joins the iPage Affiliate Program, he or she is given a code that can either be added to his or her website(s), used in email, or both. iPage can provide code for both pre-made banner ads and text links. This code provides a unique ID for each affiliate so that when someone clicks on the link and—through this connection—signs up for a hosting plan with iPage, the affiliate identified by the code earns $105.00 as a commission.

Payment for iPage affiliates is unlimited: there is no cut-off to monthly commissions. Affiliate commissions are paid 15 to 30 days after the month in which a Qualified Purchase was completed ends. This means that sales for one month are paid by the end of the next month. Payment options include receiving a check or having the amount applied to your own plan as a credit. However, check payments are limited to affiliates whose mailing address is in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, or New Zealand.

Affiliates are automatically provided with a support program, which includes both the pre-made ads especially for iPage affiliates, as well as online tools that help the affiliate manage and track commissions, as well as access help from the iPage Help Center.

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