iPage Webmail Services Available

iPage Webmail is available from any Internet connection. With iPage Webmail you always have access to your email.  This article helps define what webmail its, how webmail works, and tips on using iPage Webmail via the Web or your iPage control panel.

What Is Webmail?

A webmail client is a way of viewing your email while online. It widens your reach, allowing you to check your email, send email, and perform other operations from any web browser on any computer anywhere you can reach an Internet connection. By way of contrast, email clients store your email on a specific device (though syncing between devices is possible), and allow you to access your messages offline. They also offer a wider array of features.

Webmail clients include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, as well as AtMail and  SquirrelMail, both offered by iPage, and both accessible through MailCentral, your iPage mail delivery system.

AtMail is a proprietary webmail client designed for purchase by ISPs, webhosts, etc., who then supply it to their clients without charge. It has a web-based address book and calendar, as well as IMAP support. If you have Outlook, you can configure it to access your AtMail accounts and syncing. If you choose to do this, a ‘Webmail Sync’ button will appear on your toolbar after Outlook is restarted.

SquirrelMail increased its cachet with not one, but two mentions in the movie The Social Network. SquirrelMail is a free open source software. iPage provides it for users, along with 5 plug-ins that include a Calendar, an AddressBook with import ant export features, HTML mail, and image buttons. You can access the SquirrelMail User’s Manual through the SquirrelMail website at: http://squirrelmail.org/docs/user/user.html  Be aware that it you use Internet Explorer, you will have to log-in twice. This is a known issue, but does not happen with other browsers, such as Firefox.

To select or change iPage webmail clients, follow these steps, keeping in mind that if you switch from one client to another, you will lose any iPage webmail that has not been downloaded to a computer, as data is not transferred between clients, and that you will need to move calendar and address book data manually:

  • Log-in to your iPage hosting account control panel and go to MailCentral.
  • Log-in to the ‘Mail Tool Settings’ page.
  • Find the ‘WebMail Client’ section.
  • Choose the radio button of the WebMail Client you wish to a) enable or b) switch to.
  • Select ‘Change Settings.’

iPage Webmail through MailCentral

MailCentral is an iPage webmail option on your iPage hosting account control panel. Through it, it is possible to reach whichever webmail client you have selected. To reach it, take the following steps:

  • Log-in to your iPage account.
  • Go to MailCentral on your vDeck control panel.
  • Choose a mailbox to check.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button. The Address Management Page will appear.
  • Expand the section called ‘Mailbox Delivery,’ and then click the icon for ‘Webmail.’

The iPage webmail client that you have chosen to use will open.

  • Use the email address and chosen password to log into the mailbox.

iPage Webmail over the Web

In order to access your iPage webmail without having to log-in to your iPage control panel or your iPage hosting account, insert <webmail.> before your hosting domain name in the address window of a web browser. Log-in with the full address and password of the mailbox you wish to access.