iPage Control Panel – vDeck

Introduction to the iPage Control Panel

Although cPanel is considered by many people to be the best option for control panels, iPage has opted to provide the vDeck panel as its control panel. The current version of vDeck is 4.0, and that is the version that iPage is currently providing in March 2011.

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Approved Browsers for the iPage Control Panel

Browser-Control Panel compatibility is important, and iPage suggests the following browsers as being approved for use with vDeck:

  • Apple Safari 4+
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+

It is possible to access your control panel through signing in through the iPage site, but you can also go directly to your control panel through your browser. If you type in the address window:


substituting the name of your primary domain for the characters <yourmaindomain>.

Features and Benefits of the iPage Control Panel

The iPage control panel provides features for all the different tasks you need to undertake in running a website or websites, or—if you are a reseller—administering website accounts for others.  It provides tools and features in the areas of website management, email management, domain management, ecommerce services, marketing services, and account management services.

• In the account and billing section, you can make a payment, update your billing information, or change your password, for example, as well as access our billing history.

• In the domain section, you can add and transfer domains, and manage subdomains.

• In the website management section, you can access a variety of tools, from a drag-and-drop website builder, Weebly Drag and Drop, to FTP tools. This is also where you prompt site backups and restore and access the tool that iPage sometimes calls “Install Central” and sometimes refers to as “SimpleScripts.” By whichever name you want to call it, it’s important to know about because it give you access to more than 70 key applications including blogs such as WordPress and phpBB, forums such as Vanilla Forums and SMF, wikis such as TikiWiki, Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla!, Drupal, and Mambo, and shopping carts such as Agora Cart Zen Cart OS Commerce, and many more key pieces of software. SimpleScripts not only provides one-click installation, but it also does a great job of keeping up with the latest updates and providing notifications through your iPage control panel.

• In the email section you can set up, manage, and access email accounts and webmail, set forwarding and autoresponders, and your business email service, such as Constant Contact, etc.

• In the ecommerce section, you can access shopping cart and payment acceptance options such as PayPal integration.

• In the marketing services section, you can promote your site, starting off with the free Google Adwords credit, Yahoo! search credit, and Facebook advertising credit that come with your iPage Essentials plan, and building from there. You can also access premium services, such as logo design or search engine optimization.

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