iPage vs. FatCow In-Depth Comparison

In this iPage vs. FatCow host comparison, we are taking a look at two of the top web host providers on the web. There are so many web hosts out there to choose from, which is why we are comparing iPage vs. FatCow to find how these two rank in terms of web host services and features.

It can be difficult to find the best web host for you to choose when it comes time to build a website or switch web hosts. There are so many different companies to choose from, which can make the ultimate choice a daunting task. Those who are looking for a quality web host know they want a company that is secure, reliable and affordable. We are trying to help with that choosing process by highlight two of the best web host providers around, iPage and FatCow. In this iPage versus FatCow review we are discussing some of the top web hosting features and services offered by these two web hosts as well as each host’s strengths and best deals.

When comparing FatCow to iPage we first noticed that the monthly price for both web hosting plans are literally pennies apart. Because the cost is almost the same for both, we had to dig deeper and take notice of the various web hosting features and services each company includes with the web hosting plans. To really get to the bottom of these web hosting packages, we need to take a look at both companies individually.

iPage Web Hosting – $1.99/month:

  • Exclusive security suite
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited web hosting disk space and bandwidth
  • Free website builder
  • Free advertising credits
  • Unlimited email and tons of email features
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Web host control panel
  • Free online store and ecommerce services

FatCow Web Hosting – $4/month

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • WordPress blogging tools and features
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • 100 percent green with wind energy power
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free shopping cart and ecommerce tools
  • Free website builder
  • Great customer support

As you can see by these limited lists of web hosting features offered by both iPage and FatCow, there are tons of web hosting features with both companies you can use to help develop your website. With iPage web hosting, you can get all of these service and more. With each web hosting package iPage strives to offer customers a variety of e-commerce tools including free advertising credits, free blogging tools, free online store services as well as an website authentication seal so customers know they can trust your online business. Having a secure website that is also reliable and looks professional yet creative is a great way to make sure your web visitors keep coming back. This is especially important if your website is designed as a money-making operation. Having access to all of the e-commerce tools also will help you grow and expand your online business.

In comparison, FatCow also offers tons of tools to kick start your online business with plenty of free advertising credits, online store tools and blogging features. The blogging tools with WordPress are perfect if you plan to use your blog as a way to expand the reaches of your website by providing regularly updated information about your website, business and list of services and features. With photo galleries, easy website builder and other multimedia tools,  you can build a website that is not only functional, but is entertaining and ready to impress each of your website visitors. If you ever do have any issues with your web hosting, FatCow also offers some of the best customer support to help get you on the right track to building your website.

In our iPage vs. FatCow review, we found it difficult to pinpoint which web hosting operation really came out on top. We can say both of these companies are known for providing a great web hosting product and for good reason. To get started with an online business or website, there are certain tools and features that are absolutely essential. With some cheap or free web hosting, you may not get those features with minimum purchase. There are always additional purchases to be made and money to be spent. However, with both iPage and FatCow, you get all of the necessary tools to get started with the lowest affordable plan at less than five bucks a month! Don’t worry about having to pay out of pocket for all of these additional features just to get started. Both iPage and FatCow give you what you need at an affordable rate. To top it all off, both of these web hosts offer completely green energy using 100 percent wind power to generate its web hosting operation. This is a savings both financial and environmental that is passed on to each of its customers. Take a few minutes to check out iPage and FatCow to decide which web hosting provider is the best fit for you and your web hosting needs.

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